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Unlike other fishing lodges that cater to more than sports fishermen these are pure fishing lodges in a remote wilderness location. Both of these Lodges are stategically placed on the Pitt River with year round fishing opportunities.


"Spectacular. Just spectacular. The best fishing anywhere." - Sport Fishing B.C.




Pitt River Wilderness Lodge has the best of everything anglers want in a fishing lodge here in British Columbia. Our magnificent log lodge is perched with a stunning view overlooking the Pitt River just two hours from Vancouver. This remote and isolated lodge is private for  groups of 6-8 people. It is the perfect get away for small groups or families.



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We have lived and fished in the Pitt River Valley for over two decades, building our business from the ground up, encouraged along the way by our loyal and enthusiastic clients. Our first small cabins were replaced by Pitt River Lodge in 2000. Located beside the river in a grove of giant cottonwoods, the large, warm and friendly building has allowed us to host anglers from around the world.

When the opportunity came to expand operations and get a lease on a more remote parcel of land in the valley, we jumped right in! The logistics of putting up a new lodge in such a wild area have been daunting, but after seven years of hard work we finally opened the doors on what we believe is one of the finest fly fishing lodges in British Columbia.

The Pitt River Wilderness Lodge is perched high on a bluff from where we look down on soaring eagles and the pristine waters of the Pitt River, which emerges from the snow capped mountains of Garibaldi Park, to the North. From here, far in the distance, you can see the backside of Whistler. With Burke Mountain Park to the West and Golden Ears to the East, the lodge is ringed by a wall of stunning mountains.



There are so many reasons why a guide is vital anywhere in the world but on the Pitt River the need is even more acute. The need for the raft is critical as the water levels change constantly making it hard to access many spots of the river without one. With the raft you will enjoy peacefully drifting the entire length of the river, stopping to walk and wade from both sides of the shore along the way.

We are proud of our guide crew. All of them have the imperative skills of very keen eyes and great knowledge of our local rivers from how the variety of species in our river behave to the entomology required as the season progresses- these skills are a vital qualification for them to work at Pitt River Lodge. Our guides understand that not everyone has the same fishing skills or wants to walk at a fast pace. They are skilled not only at teaching but at tailoring each individual day to suit the many and varied requirements of our guests. We have 100% confidence that a day on the water with a Pitt River Lodge guide will not just be a fishing experience!

The Pitt River is a tricky river to run with lots of shallow and tight corners caused by sweepers and trees which fall into the river during high water periods. The Pitt is also known to change its course quite frequently over the course of the season, which is why we choose to use 11'6"-14'6" inflatable self bailing white water rafts. They are the safest ride on the river and they enable us to stop and fish any piece of water we choose. They also work well giving jet boaters a ride back after they hit a gravel bar or a log jam.

Guide resumes can be sent by email to Only serious fly fishing guides need apply. All guides must have rafting skills and be willing to take the Swiftwater Rescue course.

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